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Quality Standards

quQuality Products of India has held high the flag of Indian handicrafts for three decades with its exotic range of indian glass handicrafts, decorative glass handicrafts, designer glass handicrafts, handcrafted glass items, flower vases, glass jugs, glass bowls, perfume bottles, glass votives, handpainted glass etc.

Visual quality standard for installed insulating glass units constructed from flat transparent glass.

Quality Products of India's plant, housed in a sprawling 5, 00, 00 sq. ft. is fitted with state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure like sand blasting plant, lacquering plant, electroplating unit, in-house box manufacturing unit, five powder coating plants and160 polishing Machines and much more.

Furthermore, we know that success is a moving target and so continentally strive to improve our service package and product quality in order to increase the ‘value for money’ we offer our customers.